join Us for Instrument lessons and clubs at The Holy Family

In School lessons available for 

Guitar - Piano - Vocals - Ukulele

Call us now to find out more - 01932 460 220

Perform and record as part of your learning

Work together, make friends and have fun

Gain confidence and learn a skill for life

Study towards recognized graded exams

Unmatched learning opportunities
Record and Perform in our professional studios and venues
Join a Club - work together
our clubs focus on team building and fun!

A Music school like no other!

Join a band and work together in teams

🎸Work towards a termly concert and recording

🎸Coached by expert DBS checked musicians

Gain music skills through jamming together, playing in time and having fun!

Join us for one to one or paired lessons 


30 minute and 20 minutes lessons are available with our qualified music teachers at school during the school day. 

Lessons also available for home visits or at our studio in Byfleet 

All instruments are provided or you can rent an instrument for the term. 

Gain instruction on proper technique, learn an internationally recognized syllabus 

Weekly feedback via our learning platform

Take part in our monthly performance events like recording sessions and live performances. 


Once to one lessons for 30 mins are £22, 20 mins £15 

Paire 30 minute lessons £11, 20 minute paired £7.5

Billed monthly. 


Jamming Together 

Throughout the week and weekends join us at our studio in addlestone for Jamming Together, form a band and get expert tutoring. The most fun way to learn an instrument! Complete beginners and experienced students are welcome – Pick a band name, record music videos and take part in our concerts and battle of the bands.  A great way to make friends and find your passion for music while immersing yourself in our recording studio. £13 each week. 


Join a club?

Our clubs are designed to be fun and inspiring, and are the perfect way for your child to get involved and find their love for music. 
All our club participants have termly opportunities to perform in school and at our end of term concerts. 
Our club members name their ensembles help choose their pieces as well as have the opportunity to record their music videos in a professional recording studio. 

Guitar and Ukulele Club 

12:15  – Join the our plucked strings club, Ukulele is ideal for little hands in KS1 looking to get started in music and Guitar is ideal for KS2 pupils. 

Learn popular songs, simple rhythms and chords and play together towards a school performance. Ideal for KS1 and KS2 

Our ensembles all have the opportunity to perform in assemblies and our end of term concerts. Experience making music and recording in our professional recording studio. 

£7.5 each week 



Vocals Club

12:15 every Wednesday in school, join a pop band group, pick your name and songs and work towards school and outside performances and music video recordings. Learn to sing different vocal parts, techniques and HAVE FUN singing with others. 


See our students in action - visit our facebook and youtube channel here

See some of our Primary students in action!