Termly Concerts

You’re on in 3…2…1! Our termly concerts, a cornerstone of our approach, are not mere showcases; they are vibrant celebrations of inspiration and growth. Students of all ages, whether performing solo, in groups, or bands, experience the thrill of taking the stage, cultivating essential skills in presentation and performing under pressure, helping them grow in confidence right from the start of their musical journey. 

The Platforms also serve as a cadences throughout the year, that students can work had in lessons and at home towards, providing weekly goals.

recording sessions

Lights…Camera…Action! Our recordings sessions are excellent opportunities for students and ensembles at all stages of their journey to experience recording in a professional studio. Students at stimulated to polish and rehearse their pieces to the highest possible level in the run up to their recording. Then under the lights, cameras, mics and spoke they dig deep to pull off their best recording which is captured, mixed and edited and shared with family and friends to cherish forever. 

Young Musician's Platform

Immersive Education Institution
JustPlay Music Academy is the Immersive Education Institution that puts young young people at the centre of its work.
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Flexible Learning
We offer students more than just weekly one to one lessons.
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Our Students from age 5 to 18 and throughout a term receive a termly road map of targets
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Concert Performances
Taking part in our ever growing termly JustPlay Concerts which allow students of all ages to share their progress.
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Each term JustPlay searches for young artists, ensembles and bands who are ready to develop their ensemble and provide professional support through our youtube channel, video and audio recordings as well as headlining our termly concerts

 Emerging Ensemble Platform

3 Times a year we explore new venues and invite some of our best young originals bands to create a night of musical performance for the general public. All these students go through our tutoring and recording scheme where they work with professional tutors, sound engineers and videographers to give them the experience and platform they need to develop.

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