Our Mission

At JustPlay Music, we are on a mission to ignite the passion for music within the vibrant community of Surrey, London and its surrounding areas.

Our commitment is to nurture talent, inspire creativity, and celebrate the magic of melodies.

Through comprehensive lessons, Online learning platform, captivating concerts, professional recordings, graded exams, and expert tutors, we aim to provide an enriching musical experience that resonates with the heart of Surrey.

Join us on this harmonious journey as we celebrate education and the boundless possibilities of music.

make music

Collaborate, learn and create. We're all about enjoyment and developing the natural talent of young musicians.

Play in a group

Perform with friends and embrace the power of the ensamble. Build on your confidence and learn from those around you.

Level-up your skills

Our students are constantly improving and have the opportunity to play in performances and take exams right here in the studio.

Learn from the best

Just Play is founded and run by guitarist Alex Hart. The JustPlay Team cover all instruments and each have studied music to at least degree level as well as performing professionally.

Join a club

Our clubs run every week in schools and at Powerhouse recording studio in Addlestone. 

Children are provided with all materials and the instrument of their choice and begin a 10 week course suited to their skill level.

Our beginner course in small group coaching where children not only learn to play their instrument and read music but also crucially learn to play in an ensemble from day one. In this setting children build confidence straight away working with others, performing to each other and teaching one another. Always in a safe and supportive atmosphere. 

Clubs are currently available for:

Drum tutor | Guitar tutor | Bass tutor | Piano tutor | Brass tutor| Woodwind

One-to-one lessons in Schools


As well as running group classes and individual lessons from PowerHouse studios and in your home we also work in schools enhancing the curriculum with teaching one-to-one lessons on all instruments for Children aged 4 and up.

One to one lessons with Alex Hart

Book one of our tutors to visit at your home

Our committed and experienced teachers focus on building confidence, self reliance and self esteem through their work in the comfort of your own home, you will still have access to all our masterclasses, clubs and termly concert platforms as well. 

To make a booking request or find out more, please click the button below.


Learning AT SCHOOL

What do we teach?

JustPlay is a full service music academy providing instrumental teachers for all instruments for individual, group, ensemble, orchestral and vocal lessons, clubs and concerts in both primary and secondary schools.

We offer...

We deal with all aspects of communication, feedback, reporting, exams, target setting, payments, advertising and timetabling. As well as providing ofsted ready packs for music leaders to provide up to date and thorough information on student enrichment and attainment.

ONE on one & Group lessons

Students receive a 1/1 or small group lesson every week of term with the same tutor. Every child is observed in their first lesson and given a roadmap and always comes away each lesson with a clear set of goals and targets.


Our teachers are provided with in-house safeguard training, immersive education workshops and ongoing support and feedback and quality checks that come in the form of regular school visits, lesson observation and training sessions.

Student and parent reviews

Don't just take our word for it, hear from the students and parents of JustPlay about what they love most.

"JustPlay has transformed my kids' passion for music. He makes it fun, engaging and their confidence has really grown. I would highly recommend!"
fans dancing to a band performing a concert
Helen addis
"JustPlay have taught my son Electric Guitar for the last five years. Our teacher is excellent - motivational, patient and very knowledgeable. He empathises with and listens to his students helping them reach their maximum potential. He makes every lesson interesting and also manages to make the repetitive elements of learning an instrument fun."
concert goers watching a performance
Helen Smith
"Alex is the best music teacher in the world and he makes hard music easy!"
Drum kit with drumsticks for music
Sammy, Age 7
"I love coming to my guitar lessons and always learn something new every week. I especially enjoy being able to play music with my friends and working towards performances."
Man playing the guitar
Student, age 9