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Partnering with justplay is simple and straightforward

✔️JustPlay for Schools is designed to engage and inspire students while taking care of all the admin and organisation for your schools teachers. 

✔️Creative timetabling solutions also help schools meet their PPA requirements. 

✔️At JustPlay we will work with you at any level of engagement – Perhaps having one of our teachers work running instrumental lessons in your school or working with GCSE students to enhance their performances for their coursework or work with one of our specialists, helping SEN children engage with music through our group classes.

✔️We could additionally run one of our engaging after school or lunchtime clubs where children will work towards performing in a termly JustPlay concert. 

✔️We take care of all timetabling and arranging of lessons, our online platform keeps students, parents and teachers in direct contact every week with email and text reminders, payment, targets, weekly challenges and homework. 

✔️Becoming a JustPlay school we will also present an immersive assembly and workshop to inform and inspire children on a termly basis to drive engagement and increase student involvement. 

✔️Students, staff and parents working with JustPlay will all benifit from the exciting and unmatched opportunities we have running throughout the year! 

This includes- 

✔️School Trips to our recording studio where students can record a school album or music video in a professional setting, being coached on their pieces, taught about how the recording and video equipment function and be engaged at every step of the process. Students and the School will also take away with them professional quality recordings and video footage of their day to cherish forever.  

✔️Termly concerts at Venues in Surrey and London run by JustPlay- 

✔️Students will perform in a concert alongside world class musicians in front of the general public and parents providing a valuable opportunity to perform, build confidence and have fun. 

✔️Gifted and Talented – 

✔️Every term students are welcomed to audition for our JustPlay Experience, a programme supported by The National Foundation for Youth Music and The Scotch Foundation. A programme for students under 18 who present a recodnisable talent on any instrument or ensemble. Successful applicants receive coaching from Sony’s Head of A and R,  Gibson as well as established artists. Students will receive workshops, performance coaching, media coaching, a full recording session and photo shoot and all brand assets that they will need to take them further. 

✔️Not only this, they will also perform at the famous Scotch of St James Picadily, London and join JustPlay young artists for a series of concerts at festivals and youth music events for 6 months. All for no cost to students. 

Complete our form at the bottom of this page, email JustPlayMusicacademy@gmail.com or call 07900336487

Why Partner with us?

Professional Expertise:

Our team of passionate, professional musicians brings a wealth of musical knowledge and experience to your school. Your students will benefit from top-tier instruction.

Complementary Learning:

Our program harmoniously aligns with your school’s music lessons, providing supplementary education that reinforces classroom learning and extends students’ musical horizons.

Flexible Options:

We offer a variety of lesson schedules and club formats that can be tailored to your school’s specific needs, making it convenient for both students and teachers.

Exciting Extras:

We go beyond regular lessons by offering school trips to our purpose-built recording studio, engaging assemblies, and interactive workshops. These unique experiences will captivate and inspire your students.


Our Music lessons and Clubs are designed with the end in mind, in individual lessons students are given targets and roadmaps that promote development through ABRSM, Trinity, Rockschool and Orange Learn, culminating in a firm foundation on which to build skill and confidence. Students in Clubs work together becoming proficient on their instruments while fostering ensemble and listening skills while developing coordination and rhythm .

Performance Opportunites

Several times a time instrumental and club students work towards a performance where they perform alongside professional and world class musicians, taking part in an evening of inspiring music making.

Collaborative Learning

Our clubs, such as Guitar Club, Choir, and Rock Band Club, encourage teamwork and creativity, fostering a sense of unity among students. It provides the perfect way for students to come together to learn music.

Looking for a Club?

Reception and upwards

Ukulele Club
Learning to play music in a group studio
Music teacher teaching two students the guitar

Ukulele Club

Guitar Club


Rock Band and Big Band

Exclusive Partnerships

We work with leading venues around the UK to provide students with enriching performance opportunities

Collaborations with Sony and gibson mean we have create unique and valuable pathways for our students

justplay schools and students enjoy access to quality instruments through our suppliers

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Locations of operation

We work in the following areas’s and post codes:

Byfleet (KT14), New Haw (KT15), Addlestone (KT13), Weybridge (KT13), Walton (KT12), Chertsey (KT16), West Mosley (KT8), Shepperton (TW17), Cobham (KT11), Woking (GU20), Lambeth (SW4), Putney (SW15), Brookwood (GU24), Knaphill (GU21), Woodham (KT15) and Teddington (KT11).

If you don’t see your location, please get in touch to see how we can assist you.