Student Spotlight: Celebrating personal and musical achievement

At JustPlay, we take immense pride in nurturing the musical talents of our students, guiding them on a transformative journey that goes beyond mere technical proficiency. Our music lessons are designed to instill confidence, foster self-expression, and inspire a lifelong love for music. Here, we share the stories of some of our students whose developments are not just musical but encapsulate all that we aspire to help people achieve through music.

Oliver – The Resilient Pianist (Age 7)

Oliver embarked on his musical journey at JustPlay with piano lessons at the tender age of 6. From the outset, it was clear that he faced unique challenges. Concentration and behavioural issues made his early lessons a struggle. However, our dedicated tutors recognized Oliver’s potential and the importance of patience and consistency in his musical development.

Over time, with unwavering support and encouragement from our tutors, Oliver began to show gradual improvement. His breakthrough moment came during his first public performance at one of our spotlight concerts. The audience witnessed the incredible transformation as Oliver confidently played a charming piano piece, earning hearty applause.

Oliver’s journey is a testament to the power of consistency and patience in nurturing young students who struggle with attention. Through his music lessons, he not only developed his piano skills but also learned essential life skills such as perseverance, discipline, and the value of hard work. His parents have noticed a remarkable improvement in his focus, behaviour, and overall self-confidence.



After completing his studies at JustPlay, Oliver went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Music at Bristol. His incredible journey from a struggling beginner to a budding pianist with a promising future is a testament to his resilience and the guidance he received at our school.

Oliver’s story highlights our commitment to nurturing each student’s unique potential. At JustPlay, we understand that every child is different and may face their own set of challenges. Our dedicated tutors are here to provide the support and guidance needed for every student to succeed. Oliver’s journey of growth and musical triumph serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that with patience, dedication, and the right guidance, every child can discover their inner musician and flourish in their own time.

If you have a child who is eager to explore the world of music, or if you’re seeking a supportive and patient environment for their musical development, contact us at JustPlay. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of young musicians like Oliver as they learn, grow, and achieve their musical dreams.

James – The Piano Prodigy (Age 9)

James, at the age of 6, embarked on his musical journey with piano lessons at JustPlay. His remarkable musical talent quickly emerged, and he progressed rapidly, achieving top marks in his Grade 5 piano exam. But it wasn’t just about the grades. James’s participation in our studio recording sessions helped him understand the nuances of music production, further enriching his musical experience. His newfound confidence has also positively influenced his behaviour at school and home.

Sarah – Violin Virtuoso (Age 11)

Sarah began her violin lessons at JustPlay at the age of 7. Her journey from a beginner to a budding violin virtuoso has been awe-inspiring. Through consistent practice and dedication, Sarah achieved remarkable progress, earning her a distinction in her Grade 4 violin exam. But it was her participation in our annual concert that truly marked a turning point. Sarah’s confidence soared as she performed a captivating solo peice, leaving the audience in awe. Her experience at the concert has given her the self-assurance to pursue her musical dreams with unwavering determination.

Meet Mia 

A young violinist who started her musical journey at JustPlay when she was just 8 years old. Initially, she struggled with focus and behaviour issues during her lessons. However, with consistent support from our patient tutors, Mia gradually improved.

In her first-ever concert performance, Mia played a beautiful solo piece, captivating the audience and boosting her confidence. Her parents noticed a positive change in her behaviour and self-esteem. Mia’s journey at JustPlay has been one of remarkable growth and transformation, showing that with dedication and guidance, every student can unlock their musical potential

Allow us to introduce you to Lily, a dedicated violin student at JustPlay. When Lily began her musical journey with us at age 9, she faced challenges with focus and behaviour during her lessons. As parents, we were concerned about her progress.

However, the patient and consistent guidance from the tutors at JustPlay made all the difference. Over time, we noticed a remarkable transformation in Lily’s violin skills and her overall demeanour. Her confidence soared, and her dedication to practice became evident.

Lily’s musical journey at JustPlay has not only improved her violin skills but has also positively influenced her behaviour and self-expression. As parents, we couldn’t be prouder of her growth.

Our experience with JustPlay has shown us the importance of a nurturing and patient environment for young musicians. If you’re seeking a place where your child can develop their musical talents and build confidence, we highly recommend JustPlay. Join us in celebrating the growth and achievements of young musicians like Lily.